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Heather Morris Architect
Crypto Confidence Coach Heather Morris

"I am outdoor-loving, straight-talking, information junkie mum who is passionate about architecture, design, nature, and healthy homes. 

I have always loved good design and the impact it can have on our well-being. I want to make sure that our homes provide the healthiest environment for our children to live and grow.

I value family and personal growth, and I wanted to explore property investment to achieve a balanced lifestyle. I held onto the belief that personal growth and financial security could harmoniously coexist. The desire to create a better life for my family, one filled with travel and meaningful experiences, fueled my ambition.

My passion for home renovation and design, along with my determination, led me to venture into real estate.

Despite my expertise, I faced time constraints, lack of knowledge in home flipping, and the fear of making costly mistakes. I read hundreds of real estate books and completed many courses on real estate investment. I studied hard and began buying and renovating houses, learning from my mistakes and gaining insights into the industry along the way.

I am a strong believer in education, so researching and sharing the latest relevant information about environmental design, building materials, and products, is as important to me as sharing the latest colour and design trends.

Sharing this research and information online (as well as my knowledge from 25 years in the industry) seemed like a logical evolution from a traditional architectural practice.

This course isn't just about flipping houses‚ÄĒit's about nurturing your dreams and crafting a roadmap to financial freedom.

I'm excited to share my journey and help beginners create a better future through the First FLIP Formula online course. You will learn how to flip houses strategically, accelerate property portfolio growth, and gain the confidence to succeed."

Crypto Confidence Coach Heather Morris

"I have always loved good design and the impact it can have on our wellbeing. I want to make sure that our homes provide the healthiest environment for our children to live and grow.

I am forever learning from design principles and living with good design purpose.

With a work portfolio extending to 20 years in the industry with multiple awards and a plethora of projects to boost my portfolio.

I have been a Kitchen designer, Building Designer, Shoe Designer, Cake Designer, and even a Christmas Designer!

I am passionate about using clever design techniques and working with clients to get the results they desire. I carry this through all of my projects, for my clients and for myself. 

My husband and love getting our hands dirty on our own projects, this gives us additional insight into the costs and labour involved in renovation and flipping properties. 

At a very young age, I would build houses with Lego, sketch plans waaay out of scale, and re-arrange my room -quite often! 

My dad taught me how to use a measuring tape, and what a phillips-head was and I loved Art at school. 

As a Girl Guide with my mum, I see that leadership was always in my nature, I loved working with a team to get a great result and I see these traits in my children. 

I love sharing my knowledge and design experience. 

I really found my niche in the design industry when I relocated for a job at a Joiner Shop as a Kitchen Designer. This is how I met my husband, YES! We do argue about joinery design! BUT we also come up with some really cool solutions together. 

However, my knowledge and ability to customise joinery wouldn't have happened if I didn't have a really great foundation in design.

I know Heather and myself have a lot to offer in the art if flipping houses, we don't mind using some sweat equity or working with trades to get the best outcome -financially and aesthetically, which is what we have built through the First FLIP Formula"

Do you want to learn about architecture, the environment, design and healthy homes?

 Join Trish and Heather as they explore the world of architectural design, the environment, and the art of flipping property. Interviews with industry experts will provide you with additional insight into complex areas of design. 

Heather is a mum, architect, educator, mentor, property collector, investor, speaker, and traveler.

Trish is also a mum to 2 girls and Puppy Jasmine, Trish is a building designer, and renovator who loves to bake and decorate.

Trish and Heather take the complex world of architectural and Interior design and make it simple.

Tune in to learn about design hacks and how to make your home into a healthy home. 

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