Crypto Confidence Coach Heather Morris


A little backstory of how The Scribble Club was born.... It all started after working in the industry for many years and meeting so many people who wanted to design their own dream house, I realised there was a gap in the market of helping creative people with the backend knowledge and techical side of their renovations and designs.

I decided to use my background in design, architecture and renovation to niche down and really focus on helping people learn the design skills to create their dream home.

Our goal is to create a system that helps you design your renovations or dream home.

I am a mum, architect, educator, mentor, property collector, investor and traveller. In the early days, I decided to collect properties instead of shoes and handbags (but I do love my shoes as well)!

I am financially independent, and I am passionate about helping others achieve their own financial freedom from property investments rather than just trading their valuable time for money.

I am an experienced architect who has over 30 years of experience in industry and investing in property. I have been interested in architectural design since I was using lego.

I realised that there are many others like me who just want to learn the basics of design, without all of the technical overload and hype. This is why I decided to create my courses for you to learn the basics of architectural design, in a way that is simple and easy to understand. 

My aim is to provide you with the best education about architectural design in the simplest way in the shortest possible time. I want you to understand architecture and renovation, before you commit your hard earned money.

Ready to start designing?

Crypto Confidence Coach Heather Morris


As a passionate 'creative-teacher' profile, I am in my element helping you to build on your design capabilities so that you have a beautiful home that is functional and healthy too.

"I am forever learning from design principles and living with good design purpose."

With a work portfolio extending to 20 years in the industry with multiple awards and a plethora of projects to boost my portfolio.

I have been a Kitchen designer, Building Designer, Shoe Designer, Cake Designer, and even a Christmas Designer!

I am passionate about using clever design techniques and working with clients to get the results they desire.

I love sharing my knowledge and design experience. 

Going through my own renovations and builds, I have found it invaluable to learn in going through the process firsthand, this gives me additional insight to provide that little something extra for my clients."

I remember vividly having the Boystown Raffle newsletter come in the mail and studying them day-in-day-out.

Which room would be mine, what do I like the most, and how would I do it differently. 

At a very young age, I would build houses with Lego, sketch plans waaay out of scale, and re-arrange my room -quite often! 

My dad taught me how to use a measuring tape, and what a phillips-head was and I loved Art at school. 

As a Girl Guide, I see that leadership was always in my nature, I loved working with a team to get a great result and I see these traits in my children. 

I love sharing my knowledge and design experience. 

I really found my niche in the design industry when I relocated for a job at a Joiner Shop as a Kitchen Designer. This is how I met my husband, yes we do argue about joinery design! BUT we also come up with some really cool solutions together. 

However, my knowledge and ability to customise joinery wouldn't have happened if I didn't have a really great foundation in design. 

Crypto Confidence Coach Heather Morris





The Scribble Club is about having fun while learning about architectural design,  the environment, low-tox materials, and how we can make a difference in our living spaces.

The environment we live in has direct links to our health and well-being. At The Scribble Club, we are passionate about a healthy living environment and delivering healthy homes to our clients.

We created The Scribble Club to help educate people about home design and help them make considered decisions about the use of materials for their design.

Archidoodle supports the following company values: -

  1. Education about architectural design, the environment, and low-tox materials.
  2. Clear explanation of subject matter that is simple and easy to understand.
  3. A family focused community - our kids are our future. 
  4. Inclusivity, no matter your background or education.
  5. Accountability, making it happen, and finishing what we start.

If you share the desire to change your home environment for the better, then come and join us to explore the world of home design!



Your health and time are your most important commodities.

Wealth is created over time, but without your health, it means nothing.


 You are the only one with a clear vision of your dream home and lifestyle.

Only you can take control of your future environment & the time to start is now.

 You can create your dream home with the right education, planning & action.

All three of these are important but without 'action' there is no creation.

Crypto Confidence Coach Heather Morris