Spring Kitchen-ing

creative kitchens custom joinery first steps kitchen planner kitchen design organisation spring cleaning Sep 01, 2022

Spring has Sprung! I have a renewed frame of mind with more sunshine. 

This is the time of year where we seem to get motivated to clean out cupboards, wash windows and get creative with our storage options.

I frequently visit Kmart and Spotlight for my organizing needs, (I am a bit of a The Home Edit fan), I love sorting the insides of the many drawers in my kitchen. But it also brings to mind all the storage options we can put together with the other joinery in our homes. 

I am a fanatic for cupboards, so many older homes are lacking in storage options. In our new house I managed to use joinery as internal wall options, secret doorways into the office, variety in drawer and cupboard storage and even custom Pidgeon holes for washing baskets. I love being creative with new joinery and existing joinery. 

I can't wait to be able to have all of our joinery finished so I can share some of our great ideas. It's taking time but we'll get there!  

What we have been up to lately:

  • New wardrobes for the girls bedrooms, no need to hide boxes of undies under their bed!
  • The rumpus room as got new drawer sets to hide all the girls crap craft and 'special' toys.  

In usual style we haven't made much of this 'standard' and there's lots of timber veneer. 

Here's a list of all the things we still need to do! 

  • Bag drop station (a bit like a mudroom)
  • Laundry storage cupboards
  • My office joinery
  • The special curved cabinet in the kitchen -this will house all my Gin and will be exciting when it goes in! 
  • The kitchen Island bench -yay more storage! this will have a beautiful curve to it as well. 
  • TV unit and fireplace. A lovely combination of timber and Brickwork. 

So you can see my list of To-Do is longer than the list of 'done'...and a lot of it still needs to be designed. Tell you what I am SO grateful for my handy husband (cabinet maker and installer). 

The best part of custom joinery is the ability to design and build to your specifications and lifestyle. We've tried to allow for  the girls to grow into their new rooms with joinery that serves for now and later. For example, they are only little and don't really have any long dresses or coats yet. So we've designed the joinery to have adjustable shelves in place for now, that can easily be removed and a hanging rail can be installed when they're older. We also chose to have hinged doors and not sliding as this is the look we preferred.

The possibilities for customised joinery is endless. The crucial part of getting this right is understanding your clients needs and lifestyle. If you are interested in wanting to start this joinery head over to our  First Steps Kitchen Planner where you can get the ball rolling in your Kitchen Design passion for only $97. 

Also jump onto our Course waitlist the course will be released soon!