Ehh! Size doesn't matter... I am talking about kitchens

Nov 16, 2022

When a kitchen just works, that's what you want. It shouldn't be hard work. 

A really functional kitchen doesn't need to be big, or small or medium. It just needs to work for you.



 (How great is Yellowstone!?!? Can't wait to watch season 5, have to wait for the hubby though...)

I saw this kitchen online today, a reel made showing an apartment in New York. It was horrific! There wasn't even elbow room at the sink, no bench space at all. That ain't gonna work for anyone!! 

A small kitchen can be designed really well if you take into account these 3 important things. 

  1. Work space
    • Work space only needs to be 600-900mm wide to be functional. But it needs to be away from where the dirty dishes get dumped or where the clean ones are to be drained. Give yourself space to be able to use sharp instruments safely. 
  2. Room to move
    • If you can't move your elbows to chop pumpkin or run into the bench behind you when you open the drawer it's not going to work. I have had kitchens work really well when there's only 900mm between benches, it's not great but you also don't need to take a water bottle to run from one side to the other. 1200mm is recommended, but 900-1000mm will work also. 
  3. Organisation
    • I love organisation at any time, big or small kitchen it is always beneficial. Being well organised in your small kitchen will make cooking simple, a dinner or a four course menu will be a breeze. Keep your favorite utensils close to where you need them, gone are the days of the typical 4 drawer stack where the cutlery and utensils HAVE to live. Scatter your drawers with the items you need where you need them. Hey! why not cull your 20 egg rings down to 4? Will you ever really need that many egg rings??

If you take into account these 3 important things with every kitchen you design you are SURE to have a win with your clients.