My confession....the broken link

Sep 11, 2022

Oh goodness, that moment you find you have the wrong link in your email. 

Or the moment you work out you've put the dishwasher in the wrong spot. YUP. I.DID.THAT.

The first official email you get from me an someone else's link is in there! Oops. Sorry Team.

So we've recently built our new home and we had a clean slate to design a house around the kitchen. We are really happy with the results, however it's not finished yet. So I employed my own Kitchen Design tip (see earlier blog about how you wash up). I stand at the sink, to the left I have my dishwasher and to the right I have my rubbish bin. The shortest trip into the kitchen for the bin is right-on. Works really well! 


When emptying the dishwasher we have the plate drawer one side and the cutlery on the other, we have to hop over the dishwasher... it does not work. 


We even thought about switching it, but because of the stone and sink cutout it is not possible. Booo-hoo. 

It would also mean the bin is in a really obscure spot and too far away from my main prep area.

However I don't think all is lost, we haven't yet built our island bench. That is when it will all fall into place. We plan to place the crockery and cutlery drawers in the island in the same drawer bank. 

Yay! Crisis averted. 

Having a good idea of what is going to be stored in the kitchen along with knowing how the occupants use it is important with a good outcome for your clients. 

Tell you what! I will consider this issue a little closer in the future. 

So the lesson here is that there is not an exact science to Kitchen Design. 

BUT there is an exact science that we all stuff up sometimes and all is not lost.

We sometimes have to look at doing things a little differently. 

In this instance I know there is a solution and it will come to be in time. 

Right now.... I should go finalise that island bench design....