Kitchen Design -Where to Start

design design guide design project kitchen kitchen design Jun 27, 2023
Kitchen Details & Design

Kitchen Design Challenges -Where do we start?

  • 3 of the biggest challenges in kitchen design

  • How to solve these challenges with design

  • The cost of errors and how to avoid them

  • How The Scribble Club can help with our Home Design Guides


The biggest kitchen design challenge can simply be -I don’t know where to start! Our outline below will help you along that journey. From frustration to a clear direction and a beautiful kitchen -just for you. 

  • Function

    • How do you want the space to work for your family?

      • Do you like to have formal dinners around the dining table -or are you so busy that you are passing the night and meals are casual events? Mealtimes and circulation of the space are important in your kitchen design.

    • Relationship of the spaces and the work triangle

      • Is it a triangle or a 6-point star these days? Consider spaces like breakfast stations and coffee machines, preparation for school lunches and meals can require different functions.

    • What do you want in your kitchen?

      • Are you a coffee connoisseur or do you have many mouths and will need an extra oven? Consider what appliances, stations, functions, and usage your kitchen will endure.


  • Benches and finishes

    • What product is right for you?

      • Consider what your kitchen will be used for (i.e. is it a rental or your forever home?), and what cost that will involve. The quality of the product, the durability and the look are all things to consider with your product selections.

    • What look you want to achieve

      • Are you chasing a luxe apartment style or more wholesome country living? Your finishes and selections will determine the outcome of the design aesthetic. Consider what look you wish to achieve and how you can do that with your finishes and products.




  • Appliances

    • What you want to use

      • A Thermomix (or similar multicooker) can change the types of appliances you use in your kitchen. Along with your preferences to use Gas or Electric. Consider how you cook now and generate a good & bad (pros & cons) profile of your current kitchen to help decide what you would like to use next time round.

    • How much do you want to spend?

      • You can spend Thousands of dollars on ONE Kitchen Appliance! It all adds up quickly. Having a good understanding of what you are wanting to use along with the available price ranges of the different brands will help you to determine how much you can spend. Always be on the lookout for promotions and sales -this might get you that upgrade you desperately wanted!

    • Will it fit?

      • There is no use chasing 2 x 900mm wide ovens when you can only fit in 1 x 600mm! It can be a tricky one to work through but be conscious of what your space can fit in and work through with your kitchen designer as the design develops.




How do we get the solution to good kitchen design?

  • Work with a professional designer who can guide you through the process

  • Do your research and educate yourself (use Instagram & Pinterest for ideas)

  • Join us at The Scribble Club with our Home Design Guides