Kitchen Design & The work Triangle

Jul 30, 2023

What is the Work Triangle and is it relevant in today's kitchens??

Trish talks all about how we are de-bunking the Work Triangle in Episode 10 of The SKetchy Ladies Podcast. Listen HERE. 

Some areas to consider when looking at your work triangle. 


It’s not a 3-point triangle anymore - it’s a 6-point star

No longer are we just working with the Fridge, Cooktop & Sink. We have a huge arrange of appliances we use consistently throughout the day.

Cooktops have evolved to Thermomixes, We don’t reach for the kettle for our coffee. From breakfast & coffee stations to slow cookers and Thermomixes, we need to double the triangle and flip it to make a star.

Where do we place our major appliances and utilise our preparation spaces?

Butler's pantries or Scullery’s are probably the biggest change in our kitchens, Inclusive of sinks, dishwashers & fridges, butlers pantry’s are almost like a second kitchen (sometimes referred to as the messy kitchen!)

Like putting together a puzzle...without seeing the image, kitchen design can be challenging. 


What other spaces are around the kitchen you want to connect with?

What are the neighboring rooms and or spaces? How do we want to connect with our internal and external environments? It might be a view or an outdoor dining space. We might want to separate our kitchens from our living rooms and combine the dining and kitchen into the same space. Kitchens interact with our homes in a multitude of ways.


Appliances - selection and sizing

What works for you might not work for your mother-in-law. Unless mum is living with you -design your kitchen for yourself. Think about your cooking style and design it your way.

Consider the other appliances you use in your kitchen and how and where you would like to use them. This can include small and large appliances, i.e. smoothie makers/coffee machines OR ovens and dishwashers.

While the work triangle is still useful, we need to consider the whole kitchen in the design. We need to consider the uses beyond the traditional kitchen layouts and consider the lifestyle of the occupants.