Designing outside of the box

Nov 23, 2022


We've all heard of "thinking outside of the box". Well in this case that is very relevant. 


 Many times I have walked into a kitchen space and the owner occupants want to just replace what is there. Not really thinking outside of what they have already been given.

I have had clients want more in the space than what they have.

I have had clients stick with what they already know and not aware of the options they do have

Clients that have NO CLUE and ask me to do what ever I think (this sounds like a dream but sometimes it is actually worse!).

Then there are the ones that want me to read their minds... oh that sucks! because I can guarantee that I will get it wrong! 


I find we can challenge our clients to think a little differently. Challenging our brains to operate differently can be exciting and fun. 

Look wider and deeper into the space and building:

  • Maybe the kitchen could go in an entirely different part of the house? In Tasmania a lot of our houses are designed backwards for our climate. 
  • Maybe the full height window could be lifted to bench height giving you more useable wall space 
  • Changing the floor finishes can make a big difference to the feel of the space, making if seem larger, longer or wider.

Just some ideas to help you challenge your clients and see what other possibilities are there for their new space.