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design dishwasher kitchen pricing sink Jul 19, 2022

Kitchen design

Hear how my work always come back to the kitchen, my TV audition and my love/hate relationship for my favorite room.

One of the first things I get asked for my opinion on is Kitchen Design. Which is funny as I have worked in kitchen design in almost 15 years!

Many people don’t realise my actual trade and what I have done for my entire working life is Building Design. BUT what that tells me is that a lot of people feel that kitchen design something I specialise in. Maybe it’s because my first job was working in a commercial kitchen waitressing, or for 8 years I ran a cake business, making special occasion cakes, my husband being a cabinet maker & kitchen installer extraordinaire… That time I auditioned for Australia’s Greatest Bake Off!  (super cool and made some awesome new friends!).

This would mean I spend A LOT of time in the kitchen! Working in my building design role I inherited a lot of the commercial kitchen design projects. Sometimes this was a pain as I just felt I needed to get OUT OF THE KITCHEN!!! But every day I am drawn back there to feed my family, to clean, to create and restock. This is where I spend the majority of my time at home, the first place I go to once I leave my bedroom (coffee….always for coffee).

Add in the fact when I was working as a kitchen designer I met my incredible talented sexy future husband, one of my hottest long-time friends (that’s you Sarah 😉), and a team of people that 15 years later I would find myself back spending time with again. These people are a wealth of knowledge, they are passionate about their trade, their livelihood.

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Both my husband and I work in the construction industry. With so many of us spending time at home we are spending undoubtedly a lot of time in the kitchen. Getting back to our grass roots of cooking, cleaning and creating -& teaching, what a great place to get the kids in the kitchen and teach them some fractions (their reward is always licking the spoon). What a perfect time to get into our kitchens and learn how to make bake and generate for our families. If you suddenly found yourself making bread or cooking biscuits, I can almost GUARANTEE your kitchen has driven you MAD!

Not enough bench space, the scungy bin in the corner, that old cooktop that burns everything on you (it’s not you -always blame the appliances!!). With some much time on our hands this is probably a great time to look at designing that new kitchen you have always wanted.

How can I help?

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Not to brag, BUT I have the greatest pleasure that I ALWAYS have a great kitchen to cook in. My husband is happy to oblige when I want that super special new drawer runner that other joiners haven’t even heard of yet, or that we will never go anything less than a stone benchtop. I am VERY lucky I have a clever man that can make it cheaper for us by building it himself.

Which brings me to the flat pack -don’t get me started!! My high standards get my rolling on this one. Ergh. But there’s always a place for them in the market.

ANYWAYS this brings me to my favourite tip when designing your kitchen. Think about how you wash up. Do you like to go left to right or right to left? Dirty dishes on the right, clean in the sink and stack on the left? Do you have room for a dishwasher? Where do you keep your bin?

What if I told you there is a great formula I go by and tell EVERYONE that does a new kitchen.

This magic space is probably used THE MOST in your kitchen. Therefore NEEDS to be the most functional space in your kitchen.

It’s time to visualise; Standing at your sink (the one you have now), think about how you like to wash up, do the physical action if you need ( I can’t tell you how many time I have seen people act this out, so funny), pick up the dirty dish (where did the plate come from? What direction -the table, the bench?), scrape off the excess food into the imaginary bin (do you have one within reach?), rinse under the tap and load into the dishwasher.

How did you do? Was it easy? Or did you do about 20 steps around your kitchen to get this job done? That’s OK to get in the steps but doing this 20 times a day can take up a lot of precious time! Wouldn’t you prefer to spend that time with the kids? Or doing actual exercise? I know what I prefer to do – I already spend WAY too much time in my kitchen.

Lets break it down. Standing at your sink, the plates have come in from the table, you turn your body to the left, scrape off your plate into the bin, turn to the front rinse your plate under the tap, turn to the right and load into the dishwasher. It’s so easy! Not even 30 secs, no steps and the job is done.

Save time, money and stress by having an awesome kitchen. (why not make it beautiful too!)

So if you have design career aspirations and would like to design your own kitchen with a group of other inspired people, join the waitlist here.

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This design guide is perfect to send out to all your local joiners (lets support local small business in this time of craziness!) to get THE best comparison and pricing. As we like to say “Compare Apples with Apples”, They will price exactly to your sketches to ensure you are getting the best evaluation pricing. This will knock the socks off your joiners and make their job a lot easier -getting you your price quicker and WAY more accurately.

If you want super custom design that details the amazing elements you have spotted on pinterest (follow me), that high-end design (if that’s your budget!) -Why not get me to design for you?

A lot of people struggle with reading plans or using a scale ruler, believe me I think we took 3 weeks for some of my mates to learn this one….

Hope to see you in our community soon!

Trish Pickers

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